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PicSlam is an Instagram picture game where you guess the photos posted by your friends, celebrities and other popular accounts. The game asks you a series of questions, including:

  • Who posted the photo?
  • Which one of four photos was posted by a particular person?
  • Which of four photos was not posted by a particular person?
  • Who’s bio is this?

Power-ups are included in the game to help answer the questions, including Eliminate Two Answers and Skip questions.

You can choose to play with your friends’ photos or from photos posted by celebrities, musicians or popular brands on Instagram.

PicSlam is available in the App Store here and is a free download that offers in-app purchases.


The Press Kit also includes copies of these images.

PicSlam Icon

The iPhone and iPad PicSlam icon


Game select screen


Example game screen


Example game screen


Example game screen